Vibrating Grizzly Feeder

CPC VIBRATING GRIZZLY FEEDER is the toughest Grizzly available in the market.


EXTRA STRONG FEED PLATE: No Cracking of Feed Plate and longer wear life.

STEPPED RAIL DECK: Stepped Deck facilitates splitting and separation of mud and clay sticking to the rock. Heavy Rail sections provide extra strength and long wear life.

NON-CHOKING DESIGN: Rail Sections have been profiled to resist choking of materials between any two adjacent rails

ADJUSTABLE GAP BETWEEN RAILS: Provides Operational flexibility to the operator.

ADJUSTABLE SLOPE 5-15 Deg: Permits Operator to adjust the throughput of the grizzly as per plant requirement.

LARGE OVERSIZED BEARINGS: So that the machine is able to handle shock loads, the bearings used are of much higher capacity than required by a similar sized machine.

ALLOY STEEL SHAFT AND HOUSING: For extra strength and Wear Resistance

SIMPLE GREASE LUBRICATION WITH LARGE GREASE BANK: No complicated oil lubrication systems. The Vibrating screen can be lubricated by any untrained personnel within 10-15 Minutes.

EASILY REPLACABLE BEARING HOUSING: Socket type bearing housing design is such that it can be easily replaced at site, without any machining operations.

OVERSIZED HIGH TENSILE PRECISION MACHINED BOLTS are used for fastening the bearing housing to the vibrating screen. This ensures zero Bolt Breakage during operation.

»CPC Equipments Compay Brochure - English (3614 kb)   

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VGF 9229'2'212”25 - 50 TPH750 - 90012.5 HP
VGF 123212'3'224”50 - 100 TPH750 - 90025 HP